Services We Offer

The servicing and repair of electrical motors, generators, exciters and other electrical equipment. For a number of mining sectors as well as the Diesel Electric Traction markets.
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Mining Excavators

  • MD800 Series motors
  • MCF Generators
  • Synchronous Motors
  • AUX Rotating Equipment
  • On-Site Services
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Off Highway Vehicles

  • OHV Wheel Motors
  • OHV Alternators
  • OHV AUX Equipment
  • On-Site Services


  • Generators
  • Alternators
  • D/E Traction Motors
  • AUX Rotating Equipment
  • AUX Electrical Equipment
  • On-Site Services
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Service & Repair

  • Electrical / Mechanical Apparaisals On Mining Excavators And Trucks
  • Thermal Camera Troubleshooting
  • Fault Finding On All Mining and traction Electrical Rotating Equipment
Reid & Mitchell
specialises in the manufacture and repair of electro-mechanical current carrying and current breaking components used in power generation, rail transport, mining and heavy machinery industry


  • V-Construction Commutators
  • Shirnk Ring Commutators
  • Repair And Manufacture For Mining & Traction Electrical Rotating Equipment

Flexible Busbars

  • Manufacturing Of Braided & Laminated Copper Type
  • All Flexible Connectors For Switchgear
  • Heat Fused Connectors
  • Flexible Lead Dipped Connectos

Slip Rings

  • All Sizes From 100mm to 500mm In Diameter
  • Open And Closed Construction Type

Mica Cones

  • For Mining & Traction Electrical Rotating Equipment
  • Shellac Bonded Mica V-Rings
  • Epoxy Glass Insulation